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Days of Wrath
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the days of wrath.

Days of Wrath is an alternate-universe Harry Potter RPG, beginning in October, 1981. It branches from Rowling's storyline in the week before Voldemort's fall from power.

What if..?

- Peter Pettigrew never had the opportunity to fully betray the Potters and was never exposed, thus remaining in the Order as an undiscovered spy?

- Dorcas Meadowes was Secret Keeper for the Longbottoms, and Dumbledore for the Potters?

- Voldemort chose to go after the Longbottoms, and Neville became the Boy-Who-Lived with his grandparents' sacrifice?

- Alice, Frank, James, and Lily live beyond Voldemort's fall?

- The Death Eaters did not give up after their Lord's disappearance, and still fought on?

- The Order of the Phoenix did not disband?

- The first war kept going?

Welcome to the Days of Wrath.



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